Patient Opinion is a website where the public can publish their experiences of local health services. The website allows health service staff to interact with these patients to help improve care.

Patient Opinion is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We exist to help improve dialogue between patient and health service providers and to improve health services.

How does it work?

  • Members of the public anonymously post a story (positive or negative) on the website about a local health service (we have their email address, but you wont know who they are). Our highly experienced team moderates all stories to ensure they are not defamatory for any member of staff.
  • Health service staff can then be alerted when a story is posted about the health service, ward or department that they are interested in.
  • The organisation can then publish a response to the story on the website
  • The patient or carer is then alerted to the organisation’s response and the dialogue continues
  • Where appropriate, the health service provider can demonstrate whether a change has been made as a result of the story posted on the site
  • People visiting the website are able to search and review all patient/carer stories about healthcare services. Responses from relevant healthcare organisations are also public. Visitors to the PO website are able to see the number of people in the healthcare organisation listening to patient stories.

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